Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chinese Black Rise, Orange, and Avacodo Salad, pg. 131

I made this recipe with Amanda over for dinner the other night.  She has a very optimistic attitude about trying new recipes and openly dislikes bland she's a great grain critic!  We amped up the recipe with additional chili powder and some cumin cooked in with the rice.  Overall the recipe was quite refreshing and a plesant blend of flavors.  Creamy avocado and sweet, citrus of orange mixed in with the rice provided lots of texture and flavors.

Somehow the rice I cooked didn't become as red as Amy's picture shows below, but instead made the mixed a not so beautiful shade of charcoal black.  We discussed afterward that it would be beautiful if plated as a layered salad with torn lettuce topped with the rice and then the avocados and oranges.  Even with the additional spices we added, it needed more flavor.  I think if you mixed up a great vinaigrette dressing and tossed the rice in it, that would be amazing.  Overall, I love the idea of the cool rice salad and think the "Forbidden black rice" is a gorgeous grain I'll definitely use again.  Thanks for this concept Lorna :)
Amy, I love the photo website...and yes, hopefully we'll get on there!  -Vicki

In the mix: Chinese Black Rice + diced oranges + toasted pumpkin seeds + avacodo + lettuce

The perfect snack before an evening yoga class.

After preparing these lettuce wraps, I attempted to set the mood in the kitchen by taking a large bite and saying "YUUMMM, these are soooooo good!"  Failed attempt.  Ben took a bite and in an instant uproar quickly replied, "How are these soooo good?"  He told me to never make these again unless there is no other food.  Between eating vegan once a week and this whole grain girls idea, I think it's taking a toll on him!

Husband Rating: 1/5 Grains

Check out the following site Elizabeth told me about   Goal: Before Vicki & and I cook through all 150 recipes, one of our pics will be published on this site....get snapping girl!


  1. I think this recipe sounds amazing!! Can't wait to try it. Thank you for sharing!

    I also think it's great you're introducing Mr. Ben to plant-based foods. When we first started dating, my now-husband was NOT a fan of veg foods. He'd pick at meals. I can remember wanting to try out Karyn's Fresh Corner (now Karyn's) in Chicago when I was trying out raw foods, and Tom entered the place with complete disgust on his face--but then tried this Mexican-cuisine inspired dish and wolfed it down! About 8 years ago, he decided to eat a vegan diet, and he's never gone back.

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  2. I think the recipe looks delicious!

    I agree with EACummings, don't be discouraged by Mr. Ben's attitude... he'll come around!!!