Stay tuned.....we can't help ourselves when it comes to buying cookbooks!  We want to share our favorites with you!

Title: The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food, and Love
Author: Kristin Kimball
Website: I can't find one and assume the farm does not have internet access :)
*OK, again, not a cookbook. Clearly I'm a discover new life sort of inspirational path & literally can not stop reading is helpful to not be working and the rain has not stopped for more than an hour in the last three or four days. If it wasn't for the fact that I checked this book out of the library, I would be creating a by-mail book share on this one! Don't worry, we'll get back to cookbooks soon enough.

Five Reasons Why You Should Read
1. Appreciate the hard work REAL farming really is. Really!  
2. If you ever wondered if some people can actually go out and shoot their night's dinner from the sky, clean it and cook it, this book has the answer.
3. The recount of cooking the deer's liver actually made me salivate and want to taste one. Absolutely amazing descriptions of the freshest farm food.
4. To believe in the system Mark and Kristin have developed and bring it's potential to the country. Go buy local!
5. Plain old motivation to grow your own veggies. I for one am really hopeful that our little balcony garden survives this rain because I can not wait to taste our own local peppers, tomatoes and herbs.

Title: Plenty - Eating Locally on the 100-Mile Diet  
Author: Alisa Smith & J.B. Mackinnon

Five Reasons Why You Should Read -
1. Inspiration! So you don't want to eat just within your 100 miles? This might give you the idea that closer is important, even if your "local" is a little larger.
2. Although it's not a cookbook, there are recipes.
3. The couple's search for local is interesting and exciting. You start rooting for them to find all the local the can!
4. It is humorous to read about their different experiences and perspectives on the challenge. They alternate writing chapters.
5. They succeed and survive and have inspired people everywhere. An amazing recount of 1 year. (I'm kind of into "1-year" challenge books though, maybe that's just me?!)

Title: Urban Pantry - Tips & Recipes for a Thrifty, Sustainable & Seasonal Kitchen  

Author: Amy Pennington

Five Reasons Why You Should Read -
1. I make her chocolate buttermilk cake and freeze small slices so I can enjoy ice cream sundaes nightly.
2. Pennington lives in Seattle just like Vicki.
3. Her new book, Apartment Gardening was just released in April.
4. "Pantry cooking demands improvisation"  Over 60 creative recipes that reinterpret old-fashioned pantry cooking.
5. She taught me how to can peaches!

Title: Whole Grains Every Day Every Way

Author: Lorna Sass

Five Reasons Why You Should Read -
1.  Saffron-basmati rice with chicken in garam masala rocks my world.
2.  Several of our posts involve using this book.
3.  Support Lorna, she posts on our blog!! 
4.  Whole grains will no longer be foreign in your household.
5.  A description of each grain is given along with how it can easily be prepared.