Meet Vicki!  Lover of all things pink. Graduate of Seattle Culinary Academy.  Passionate about eating local.  Master at creating dairy free meals.  Lived on a farm for a week. Collector of fabulous shoes and cookbooks. 

Favorite Grain: Farro

Favorite Locals: Cape Cleare Fisheries, Full Circle Farm, Thundering Hooves, Blue Bird Grain Farms, & Jerzy Boyz Farms

Meet Amy! Proud owner of a Nutrimill grain grinder. Balcony gardener. Secretly feeds her husband, Ben, grains. Impatient when it comes to recipes that require too many instructions.  Lover of yoga.

Favorite Grain: Kamut

Favorite Locals: Chocolot, Beehive Cheese, Zoe Farms, Canyon Meadows Ranch, & Cali's

Former college roommates with a passion to spread our love for whole grains. Our mission is to learn how to cook with whole grains and inspire you to do the same.

Millet + spelt + quinoa + barley, you name it, we are cooking with it, or at least trying!  If you have never given grains a chance, we hope to inspire your taste buds and invite them into your home.  If you hate grains and everything about their taste, texture, and appearance, it's time to get your grain on! We are here to help!

Join us from our kitchens as we cook through the book Whole Grains Every Day, Every Way by Lorna Sass  and share with you fun stories, sustainable ideas, local information, and recipes along the way.