Friday, February 12, 2010

School Lunch Reform!

I'm currently taking a course call Sustainable Food Systems Employment Seminar...basically 12 weeks worth of 2 presenters per week, all talking about what they do within the Food world.  We've had Farmers & Fishermen, Food Bank Directors, Transportation Coordinators, etc.  The list goes on and we're only half way done.  
Concurrently, we're writing a weekly paper on a specific job we're interested in potentially pursuing after our degree is completed.  I've chose to research becoming a Chef in a School setting somewhere in the K-12 bracket to bring healthy & freshly prepared food to school lunch rooms.  Through this project, I am learning this is a huge topic right now and many people are interested in my same passion! How exciting is that! 
Here is one blog I found that I find particularly interesting and wanted to share.  This anonymous, Mrs. Q, is eating the school lunch every day for 2010 as an experiment and blogging about it.  She's already gained local community attention and I'm hoping it continues to spread.  Check it out, it's a pretty sad story, but hopefully one we can change!

Amy, I promise I'll make the chocolate tonight ;)  And I'll pick 2 new recipes for next week's work.

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