Monday, April 18, 2011

Balcony Gardening - Round Two

Another year, another garden! I've decided to try flower boxes, which I can hang on the railing instead of using white 5 gallon pails.  I plan to have three boxes containing plant herbs, lettuce, and strawberries. 

Earlier this month, Ben told me he did not want the pails taking up space on our tiny patio.  Little did he know that I had a plan to hang everything and continue on my merry gardening way. I think while he is away at a conference in 2 weeks, I will just plant a few of the pails anyhow.  I'll make sure to refrain from the pumpkin and zuchinni plants that took over our entire patio last year. 

Visit one of my favorite blogs Life on the Balcony for helpful information, video tutorials, and crafty projects. Not in the mood to read a blog,  pick up Amy Pennington's book titled Apartment Gardening.  "Grow squash on your patio, flowers in your window box, and pick blackberries from your parking strip". 

Start your garden, we'll talk grains shortly! - amy w

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