Saturday, April 23, 2011

Balcony Garden Too, in the Midwest

I am once again a Midwest resident. After 5 years in Seattle I find myself back in the great state of Michigan. Two important guys in my life have brought me back, Dad and boyfriend, Scott. Leaving the ladies behind in Seattle was no easy task and the bf is really being supportive in making sure I'm enjoying things here. So this weekend we started a garden. Nothing big, just a couple of containers with some herbs and one small pot of peppers.  If we can manage this then maybe we'll go bigger next time?

We kept things simple, two long boxes that will hang over the balcony filled with parsley, basil, thyme, oregano and chives. As the engineer (or money manager?!) he's indicated that the "garden" in order to pay for itself, will have to yield more than $50 in produce this summer. Yikes! You need me to yield that much cash value in herbs and 1 pepper plant?! If that's not pressure, and challenge, to keep me watering the small things I don't know what would be! Bring it on. I'll be avoiding long viney things Amy did last year, hoping to retain space for BBQ patio dinners for two this summer :) So far he's into the challenge as well. Tonight after dinner he said, I'm gonna water the kiddos! and happily refers to the pepper plant as his baby. Well, OK then. Together we'll keep these things alive. Hopefully we'll get some sprouts soon as we're little bit late planting our seedlings.

Here they are in the kitchen while we wait out the fear of possible frost.
Happy Gardening and Happy Easter! -Vicki

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