Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wheat Berry Salad w/ Apples and Mint, pg. 139

The citrus dressing was simple and speedy to make (fresh squeezed oranges + olive oil + apple cider vinegar + mint + salt). 5 pulses in the Magic Bullet and I had a tasty dressing ready to pour over green and red apples + toasted hazelnuts + cooked wheat berries. This will become my summer potluck dish for sure!

I'm not a big "fresh mint type-of-gal" but today I became a fan. In fact, I'm going to grow mint in my garden which is in the works. Apparently several of my yoga friends have started to sprout seeds and I missed that memo. Instead, I will be starting with small plants while exploring the latest trend of 2nd floor condo gardening. Edible plants will only up the cool factor considering my flashy colored pin wheels, ceramic gnombs, and gazing globe, which provide the appropriate old lady gardener feel. Click on Fern's blog titled Life on the Balcony to view fun ideas and tips!

Lorna creates recipes that "flavor grains to taste like apples". Yup, Ben liked another recipe made from grains.     -amy

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  1. Glad you are having so much fun and are now a fan of mint! I'd be grateful if your readers who are trying the recipes posted reviews of my books on Amazon. Happy cooking! All best, Lorna