Monday, May 31, 2010

Quinoa Cake, pg. 271

When I told my husband we were having "cake" for dessert, his eyes lit up.  Notice in the picture, I melted chocolate over his piece and put a bit of carmel on top.  Instantly he knew this was not your Betty Crocker box cake but enjoyed the dessert. 

This recipe was quite simple, quiona, spelt flour, sugar, nuts, eggs, rasins, orange juice, butter, etc.  It called for crystallized ginger but I left this out since I find the flavor too strong.  Next time, I want to make this recipe using couscous.  The quinoa tasted very grassy and I did not get the "light texture"  that Lorna states in the recipe intro.  Marvelous idea! 


  1. Amy--email me the recipe for this! we have most of that stuff at the house (lots of spelt flour left). i'd love to try it!

  2. Hi Amy,
    I love popping back to your blog every now and again for inspiration. I found a great salad recipe for Quinoa. just wondering how you pronounce the word...haha. Hope your well.

    Amy (aussie amy)