Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Amaranth, Quinoa & Corn Chowder, Page 118

First of all, I loved the fact that I could make a chowder recipe that didn't require milk, but was still creamy in texture! Her recipe calls for it and I'm sure it adds a lot to the soup, but is plenty creamy without.  The great texture comes from a blended bag of frozen corn, which is a trick I love and will definitely use again!  That being said, I didn't absolutely love the soup's overall flavor.  While I like the texture, I don't think the seasoning was very well balanced with thyme as the only actual spice called for.  I think it would be great with carrots and some cayenne pepper for heat.  I even cooked it with chicken stock, instead of water, but I still feel it lacks in depth.  

I was not the only taster on this one. Karen loved this soup and gave it a 4.25/5 grains...Not bad!  Amanda wasn't as fond, but thought it was OK.  I will definitely make a version of this chowder again, simply adding my own seasonings the next time.  I love the concept of incorporating Amaranth & Quinoa into a soup instead of using something more standard and rice or pasta.  It's creative and I certainly appreciate that! OK, I'm about to take some fantastic smelling Date-Nut Muffins out of the stay tuned!  -Vicki


I love to double recipes and freeze the extras.  Tonight was one of those recipes I doubled. I should have taken my mom's advise.  She only doubles recipes that she's considers "tried and true".  I have two more frozen meals of this soup or what Ben was calling cafeteria slop.  No worries, I will use the base of the soup and completely reinvent the leftovers into something delicious.

Ben had his friend Brian over for dinner.  He was warned about the experimental grain soup.  Ben described the dish as having a rice soup consistancy with bland vegetables (celery and red bell peppers). This "tasteless" dish was in desperate need of what a chef calls flavor. (Ben was not holding back tonight)  Both of them decided that dipping their bread into the soup was the best part!  This dish needed more substanced and Ben suggested adding seasoned chicken and cheese.  As for Brian, he pretty much agreed with Ben but did say he felt full afterwards. Husband rating: 2.7/5 grains.

The biggest problem I had with this dish was that the grains, corn, and chopped veggies were similiar in size and shape.  I like texture, various sized vegetables, and exploding flavor.  Stay tuned for the return of the amaranth+quinoa corn chowder remix!  -amy

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